Oblíbené položky
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About us


For 21 years, we have been printing and framing images that appeal to us as well as our customers. We are very happy because we have the opportunity to work with the most beautiful things that have come into being in the fine arts. We are a family business and can offer you an individual approach. We do business so that we do not have to be ashamed of anything and sleep peacefully :)

Petr Pakosta (owner and a founder of the company)

He studied sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno. He is interested in art and sociological research. In his spare time, he helps with the management of the Scout Center IGNIS Brno. In the rest of his free time, he is a beekeeper. He loves his wife, children and company dog, Amy. And also when nothing much is happening around him.
Petra Pakostová (graphic, design)

She studied psychology in Brno. She focuses on fine art, art therapy and nature conservation. She loves when there is always something going on around her, and also loves her husband, friends, nature and company dog, Amy. She does all graphic and design work in our company. In the rest of her time, she devotes herself to a blog full of ideas for creating with children
Lukáš Pinteš (production and expedition)

Lukas Pintes graduated from Mendel University in Brno in order to help us with printing, framing and painting production. He devotes all his remaining free time to the Scout group in Brno-Kohoutovice.